The First Tea Farm in Canada

This organic tea farm is situated some eight kilometres north of Duncan city on Vancouver Island (in the southwestern part of Canada). Tea-growing pioneers Victor Vesely and Margit Nelleman told the newspaper Vancouver Sun that there are – at least to their knowledge – no other tea farms in Canada.

Tea leaves. Photo: © Rickard Nygårds

The first 200 tea plants were put into the ground three years ago, and the couple expects to be able to bring in the first harvest in another two years. And despite some minor setbacks – for example, deer appears to be fond of their tea leaves – they have decided to expand the plantation with even more plants in the near future.

Thus far they have only been experimenting with the tea leaves: “We’ve worked with local chefs and done fun things like rolled tea leaves dipped in chocolate.” The couple has furthermore opened a tea room and they also hold tea events. Their ambition is to start selling their local “Cowichan tea” from Cowichan valley within just a few years.

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