Review: Huangshan Maofeng (Spring 2013)

Huangshan Maofeng is a Chinese green tea whose leaves was picked in early spring, that is only about a month ago. And already has this golden beverage found its way into my teacup here in Sweden, waiting for a review – a positive one I might add.

The beautiful Chinese name Huangshan Maofeng means “Hairy Peak of the Yellow Mountain”. The name is most probably derived from the appearance of the white downy tea leaves that look almost like snowy-white mountain peaks. This tea is relatively expensive and costs over 200 SEK per hecto.

Huangshan maofeng 2013

Huangshan Maofeng tea leaves. Photo: © Rickard Nygårds (

Huangshan Maofeng is thus a fine spring tea of high quality and therefore also considered wholesome. During winter the tea bushes get a well needed rest, and during which they gather nutrients from the soil.

It is difficult to describe the delicate scent and flavour of this tea. Do I smell something similar to smoked ham or smoked fish? And does it taste like leather? I really cannot say.

To put it simply, one can conclude that Huangshan Maofeng is a very delicate green tea with an elegant and sweet taste. And the presence of polyphenols is not as obvious as in the exclusive and even more expensive Biluochun.


Water temperature: ca 80°C (or 176°F).
Steeping time: 1–2 minutes.

You can also let the tea leaves remain in the cup as you drink. This is often how they drink tea in China. And also, why not use a lidded cup – a so called gaiwan?