Earthquake Affects Spring Harvest in Mengding Mountain

The fine and delicate spring harvest is now being picked in China. Unfortunately, the earthquake that hit Sichuan province last Saturday – on April 20, 2013 – has even affected the tea production in areas nearby.

High quality imperial tea has been produced in the Mengding mountain since the Tang dynasty. And this region is situated only some 10–15 kilometres south-east of the epicentre in Lushan county, Sichuan province.

China Daily reported yesterday that about 40 factories was forced to close as a result of the earthquake. This according to Jiang Weiming who owns a tea company in the Mengding mountain.

Many buildings have been destroyed by the earthquake, but none of the tea bushes in the plantations appears to have been damaged. Jiang Weiming furthermore told the state-controlled newspaper that some of the factories are now beginning to open up again as the fear of aftershocks has subsided.