The Tea Industry 2005–2010

China’s had a strong growth during the past few years and has made progress in several areas. And the tea industry has been no exception.

China produced 935 million kilos of tea in 2005, and had five years later increased production to almost 1.5 billion kilos – an increase of 57.76 per cent! And growth continues. Production was estimated to exceed 1.6 billion kilos in 2011.

The world’s second largest producer, India, only had a production growth of 4.14 per cent  during the years 2005–2010.

In Sweden, the total value of retail sales of tea has decreased in the last two years (2010 and 2011). The reason for this seems mainly be a result of a stronger currency that has made imports cheaper. There is however no information on the development of the tea prices in Sweden during the period.

More information is available on the Tea statistics page.